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Moon River Flower Farm is a sustainable business. This means I operate differently to a traditional florist.

Moon River is a business that I have created to operate in harmony with commitments to my family. Keep in mind that aside from a little help here and there I run all aspects of Moon River on my own.

I pride myself on offering high quality flowers and excellent service. I limit my availability to ensure only the best quality and service for my customers.

If you want the freshest flowers, grown locally, chemical free and arranged with care then Moon River is a great fit for your needs.

The following FAQ are based on real questions that customers frequently ask:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moon River flowers spray free?

I do not use pesticides on plants at Moon River. I spray using EM - natural microbes.

What flowers/colours are available right now?

Social media and the home page have up to date pictures showing what is available.

Can I come and Pick Flowers?

Yes you can buy a ticket to a PYO event when there is one scheduled. I announce these events on Instagram and by email. When available - tickets can be purchased in the ‘Flower Shop" tab on this website.

What are your opening hours?

There are no set opening hours, due to the volatile nature of the weather.

How much is a PYO ticket?

Tickets are $45 and that entitles you to fill a milkshake cup with your choice of flowers.

Can I pay by cash?

Sorry all orders must be made via the website.

When do you usually do the PYO?

Usually evening times (around 6pm) of Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Occasionally Saturday or Sunday morning. Please note these are only when I schedule events - these are not always available. Also, all PYO events are ticketed - you can’t pick without a ticket. You must purchase the ticket online before the event.

Why don’t you have regular PYO times each week?

There are a number of reasons: The weather, my own family commitments and also I want to ensure pickers have the best possible experience in terms of flower choice and weather. However regular hours something that I am looking to provide in the future.

Can you make a special time for me or my group to come and pick flowers?

No. You’ll need to buy a ticket to a scheduled event. I no longer accept private bookings.

PYO events always sell out and I missed out - can you let me get tickets first next time?

Sorry I can’t do that. I am working hard to increase stock for next season which means there will be more opportunities for everyone.

I bought a ticket but now I’ve decided to do something else. Can I have a refund or come at some other time that suits me or to a future scheduled event?

Tickets are non refundable. You can give your ticket to a friend - they will need to show me the original purchase receipt.

I am a florist looking for locally grown flowers can I get them from you?

Yes I supply local florists - please email me.

I want to learn about growing and arranging can I come volunteer at the flower farm?

There are no opportunities for this and not something I am looking to do in the near future. Occasionally I offer workshops on these topics but only when I have time. I advertise on social media and by email when available.

I am a floristry student looking for a placement can I do that at Moon River?

Sorry due to personal time constraints I cannot do this.

Can I come and volunteer at your farm?

No. I cannot accommodate this.

I am WOOFer, can I come and work at your farm?

No. I cannot accommodate this.

Do you do wedding flowers?

To simplify the business and help with stock management I no longer offer bridal bouquets etc. I also no longer offer PYO buckets for brides or any other kind of private booking.

Can I make a private booking for my group or hens night?

No. I no longer offer any form of private bookings.

When is the next workshop?

I have not got any workshops scheduled at this time. I will advertise on social media and by email when these are available.

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